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"But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." (Heb 11:6)

Atonement:   Meaning and Fulfillment    (New: Nov 2018)

Be Holy  

Born Again   When does that happen?  

The Calendar of the Creator 

Cease from Sin  

Controversies of Colossians 2

The Creator's Name 

Divorce and Remarriage

Feast of Tabernacles Meaning   

Galatians Commentary

Godly Character   Can you have it?  

Hearing Without Understanding  

Judgments  (Introductory Commentary on Exodus 21-23:19.)

The Law According to Hebrews (It's not in agreement with Christianity!)  

Long Term Effects of the Golden Calf 

Organizational Structure of the Church 

Origins of Messiah 

Passover Timing and Status 

Pentecost: Meaning & Counting 

Ponder the Law of God: How to  

The Eighth Day  

The Spirit in the Trinity             


Torah Changes in the wilderness and Now    



Short Studies

The Covenant of Jeremiah 11:2-12 

Death, Taxes & Sin   

Festival Offerings    

Love Your Neighbor

Luke 2:22-24 and the Blurring of the Laws   (Updated Oct 2020)

Ministry of Death   New: Oct. 2020

Not Under the Law, but Under Grace  

Prove All Things  

Sabbaths as a Sign

Tabernacle Timing     Rewritten Dec 2019 to emphasize the changed relationship it indicates  

Unleavened Bread Festival: What's it About?     (New: July 2018)

400 years of Genesis 15:13

An Examination of the covenant "made" according to  Exodus 34:27

Items of note not indicated above

Many don't seem to understand the significance of correctly understanding the covenants of Sinai and Moab. If you have taken the time to slowly and carefully examine the instruction of Exodus 21-23 and Leviticus 18-20 perhaps you do.  If it isn't apparent consider this perspective.

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